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    Default Need a little help.

    Just bought a lawn mower from Sears 20 miles away. Cost $65.00 just to drop it off in the drive way.

    They charge the same for a Micro Wave.

    What is your idea of the perfect home delivery service?

    Pretend you donít have a way to get the item home.

    What would Pay?

    When would you like delivered?

    Do you get upset when you buy something and find out you canít get it for another week?

    If you could get it the same day, would you use the service and what would it be worth to you?

    Thinking of starting a small delivery service. Items up to 400 lbs.

    I meet you at the store when you buy the item.

    Only store to door. No set up.

    I have a relativity new van I can use. Will may be get a trailer later.

    What do you think?
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    Default Re: Need a little help.

    Here we go again....not gonna bite on this one....anyone else?
    Kelly Hanna
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    Default Re: Need a little help.

    not too sure what you need help with here

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