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Framing a deck with an octagon corner

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  • Framing a deck with an octagon corner

    So I am building my first deck and I may be in a little over my head. I have my footings done and my ledger board up. My next step is my posts and rim joist. The spot I am having trouble with is the first post off of the house on the right that connects to the angled portion. How do I do it? I'm guessing I will have the same issue with the one that comes off of the angled portion to the straight portion. For the angled corners I will use a 22.5 degree notch my 6x6.
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    Re: Framing a deck with an octagon corner

    My 2cents is to please rotate your 4 "show" posts around the octagon 45deg.for aesthetics and for more direct meat to tie your rim-joists to when you bolt them to the post given that you leave enough of the 6x6s to tie into. If you do it right, they can continue up and become your corner newals.
    Not rotating the outer 4 octagon show posts will give the deck an odd look indicative of your standard DIYer.
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