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  • Surface-mount rail posts

    I really do not want to start a flame thread or a discussion about outside mount vs. inside mount or anything like that. Simple question: If I were to use a surface-mount post such as those Titan anchors (which, if nothing else, no one has really said anything bad about yet) and tie the post mount base into the structure of the deck using either joists, blocking between joists, or the Simpson post mount reinforcment brackets (or a combination of any of the above), using galv bolts (not lags), would this be an acceptable mounting?

    This would not be the mount for ALL of my posts - only a few that seem to be landing on top of built-up sections of framing, i.e. I have one post that needs to be located on top of the intersection of two doubled-up beams.

    All posts will have a 6x6 pvc sleeve - so depending on what works where, I'll be using 6x6s traditionally mounted inside the rim joist, 4x4s furred out to fit the post sleeve, or if needed, the surface mounts.

    Thank you!